About Us

Our main principle is circled around the fact that we take our clients as our greatest asset and are always there to help them. We are guided by the strong motivation to guide our clients through perfect endeavour in work and long term business relationship. Not only this, we also aim to guide our client every step from conceptualization and creation to the final development and promotion. The aim of our organization is to convert the insatiable hunger of our clients into the most satisfied ones by providing the best quality services possible.

Dataqual believes in best practices, technology, innovation, process maturity, skilled workforce and vast experience which allow us to provide efficient and effective operations that allow our clients to grow and optimize their business while maintaining lower cost of business operations. We also assure fast turnaround time, without any compromise on quality.

We are dedicated to quality and to providing affordable, flexible, and dependable services to meet every back office and administrative requirement. Our clients enjoy a rich array of services and customer focussed attention.

Dataqual is based in Bangalore (Bengaluru) India. Founded in 2011. Today we are  73 full time resources – all working towards one goal “Customer Satisfaction”.

Mission and Vision

We have the expertise to take care of your critical business processes through our vast experience.

We inherit a rich legacy of outsourcing experience, technology capabilities and domain expertise which goes on to create a strong data entry value proposition for our clients.

Our goal is to build a working relationship with you that is mutually beneficial, as a result we are highly motivated and passionate to consistently deliver the best solutions, best resources and the best customer service available.