Clients Experience

Director of Global Wine Database, NY

“I have to make an adjustment to the priority of the wine lists. Next Tuesday will be my last day here. I am moving on to new projects. It has been a pleasure working with you and I want to thank you and your team for all your hard work and the quality that you have delivered.  I have shared my experience with our CEO and he knows that you are my Vendor of choice when it comes to this work.”

Director of Marketing, Board Member of a Wine Mobile Application, MA

“I'm a board member, and I know we've worked with Dataqual for some data collection (wine records that included images). I really liked the turnaround time, quality of data, and workflow flexibility your company provided.

I have a data collection need for another company and wanted to reach out to see if it may be of interest…….”

Co Founder – Online Retail Store, FR

“You people are awesome, I was looking out for a company like you and I have found it. I have been going through lot of problems on book keeping here and you have understood and started working on our application and the quality is just what I am looking out for. Any queries or clarification reach out to me on skype……”

Operations Manager – Winery – IT

“Thanks for reaching out to us. I had double thoughts giving this job since it’s about wines and Roberto has made the correct decision giving the process to Dataqual. Our inventory has been maintained and are in order.  I am having one more job for you, which I will be sending it by next week.”

Marketing Director – Wine Ipad Solutions – AU

“My name is…..  and I am reaching out at the suggestion of our CEO. I was reviewing some of the wines that our team needs curated for an event that we have coming up. Your team has done a wonderful job on all the records. I am very sure we can have more customers and success with this kind of quality provided. I would like to add more records here…….”

CEO – Online Car Sales and Parts – London

The outcome of the new task we provided last week is tremendous. On time and quality job,  the online catalogue features were updated and the accuracy level is 100%. You surely have the expertise and right resources. Keep up the good job. You are like an extended team to ours. Looking forward for a successful 2 year long relationship.

President – Market Research Firm, Dubai

Hey Rachel……The leads that you provided were too good and we are already in talks with our new customers. Thanks so much for the quality of the leads. This makes me to go further ahead by giving you more work. I would like you to start with the…

Leah McCain – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation– WA

“I have used Dataqua Medical Transcription Services for my work as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist. I have been very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff at Expedite Transcription Services, as well as the ability to respond to priority dictations, including those uploaded on a weekend. With a busy practice, it puts the mind at ease knowing dictations are accurate and timely as well as cost-effective. I would highly recommend Dave and his team at Dataqual Transcription Services for dictation needs.”