Tax Preparation and returns

Dataqual is a one-stop solution for all tax related needs.

Dataqual assist taxpayers in successfully and effortlessly assessing and filling reports as an annual statement of income and personal circumstances. This process of preparing tax returns is accurately conducted by Dataqual by using tax preparing software along with Dataqual’s other online services.

Dataqual provides solutions that help organizations to concentrate on core businesses. Tax Preparation and returns in one such solution from Dataqual, helping organizations to relax workload, minimize costs and maximize efficiencies in business processes.

Our Tax Preparation and returns services are so designed to ensure that our clients (organizations and individuals) receive maximum returns by devoting minimum time. We prepare taxes and returns for all sections of tax payers, whether they are individuals, mid-sized businesses or large organizations.  A couple of other advantages of using Dataqual as your tax preparer, includes ensuring immaculate tax planning for maximum deduction, exemption and tax credits, along with planning of alternate minimum tax.

By availing Dataqual’s tax preparation and return services, organizations can achieve various operation benefits. Our expert, certified tax practitioners have worked in tangent with organizations, thus ensuring that they dramatically increase their profitability and in turn grow their businesses. Our in house tax practitioners keep pace with the latest trends and improvements in the financial industry. Customized tax preparation and tax processing services by Dataqual are seamlessly performed using the best tax software like Drake, Lacerte, Turbo Tax, Ultra Tax etc.

Two major advantages that organizations can avail by using Dataqual’s tax preparation and return services are

  • Enjoy significant cost benefits thus increasing profitability
  • Considerable advantage of Dataqual’s Quality Management Process in tax preparation and returns.

Specific Services for Tax Preparation and Returns offered by Dataqual are Form 1040, Form 1120, Form 1120S, Form 1065, Form 1041, Form 990, Form 940, Schedule D, Schedule E and Schedule F.