Market Research

We at Dataqual believe that the real industry power always lies with the customer.

Dataqual services individuals and organizations by performing the activity of gathering information about consumer’s and target market’s needs and preferences with utmost accuracy. Thus offering relevant and accurate market research for organizations to derive at their market strategy and maintain a competitive edge.

Market Research lies foremost among Dataqual’s service portfolio as we understand the importance of knowing your customer. We are passionate to study your customers and provide you with accurate and reliable market trends and habits through Dataqual’s most efficient market research services to help organisations achieve profitable growth.

Dataqual’s reliable consumer insight

We at Dataqual believe in providing clients with reliable market research, that includes social and opinion research to correctly judge your customer. Our market research is highly systematic in nature. Dataqual’s highly systematic market research includes scientific statistical methods. Dataqual’s professional research conducted to provide systematically collected information and interpretation about companies; organizations as well as individuals to assist our client’s make better decisions thus reducing risks.

Our market research service offering include the following features:

  • Market entry and consumer demand research assisting in Brand Positioning
  • Testing concepts
  • Market research conducted to study industry landscape
  • Research conducted to understand consumer behavior
  • Consumer perception and consumer opinion studies

Organisations from all over the world can avail Dataqual’s exclusive market research services to understand their consumer better. These services include

  • Media Monitoring and Interpretation services
  • Data Mining services
  • Gathering Market Intelligence
  • In-depth customer survey
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Data Management Services
  • Running Marketing Campaigns